One of my favourite things about Facebook is the ‘On this day’ feature.


Where you can see stuff you posted on today’s date in previous years.


It’s a great reminder of what you’ve been up to – particularly with young children.


Got one the other day showing it was two years since my sister and I took my Dad to see Queen and Adam Lambert in Birmingham for his Christmas present.


Good evening it was.


Adam Lambert did a great job filling some very big shoes.


Crowd love it.


But there was one tumbleweed moment.


When he was about to sing “Fat bottomed girls” he shouted out “This is for all you fat ass bitches”




He’s American, of course.


And probably thought his version of that phrase would be taken in the same way.


But, although it means the same thing, the choice of words just gave it at slightly different interpretation..


It’s one of the reasons we chose to use certain terms and avoid others.


And why we encourage our ninjas to do the same.


There’s an example.


We generally don’t use the word ‘members’.


Gym have members.


People who don’t go very much and no one notices or cases.


Considering yourself as a ninja gives you that different mindset with regards to the journey you are on.


We don’t use the word ‘gym’ either.


Gyms are places where you just rent access to some equipment.


That’s not what we do.


We do results ( if you like the sound of that).


We don’t say ‘diet’ either (other than “balanced diet” I suppose).


Diets are something you do for a period of time and then stop.


We’re more for a lifelong approach.


It’s just healthy eating.


Most of the time.


The words we use drive our thoughts which drive our actions.


If you haven’t already tried it, then try changing some of the words you use.


It’s much easier than just constantly “trying harder”.



Much love,


Jon ‘I’m predicting 3 complaints about the title of this blog’ Hall and Matt ‘All from people who haven’t actually read the content’ Nicholson




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