I was in Blackpool on Sunday.


To see my niece’s dance competition at The Winter Gardens.


We picked up a couple of postcards as a little memento for my step-daughter.


Some of the designs we looked at were that traditional British seaside postcard of a somewhat overweight man and / or woman doing something amusing on the beach.


Often with a bit of cheeky innuendo thrown in.


What was interesting was looking at the ‘shape’ of the overweight people on the cards.


Compared to the shape of oversight people nowadays.


The guys particularly had big bellies and relatively skinny arms and legs.


Oversight dudes nowadays often have moobs (man boobs) and bingo wings.


And women are finding they are storing proportionally more fat in those traditionally ‘female’ areas.


And finding it harder to shift it from there too.


If weight gain and loss was purely down to calories in vs. calories out, how do we explain this changing distribution of body fat over the last few decades.




It’s to do with changing hormone balances.


Hormones are one of your body’s messaging systems.


They tell the body what to do.


They all have important uses.


But when we create imbalances and confusing signals within the body, that’s when it goes a bit Pete Tong!


British men have the highest oestrogen levels in the whole world.




Because our tap water contains more of the stuff than anywhere else due to our ‘lenient’ water filtration requirements.


It comes from female contraceptives entering the water system BTW.


Because of this British men also have some of the lowest testosterone levels going.


Losing approximately approximately 1% per year since 1948.


Meaning most of us are about 1/3 as ‘manly’ as our grandfathers.


Women, obviously need more Oestrogen than men.


But the balance of the different types that is the problem.


Most women nowadays have a, shall we say ‘non-optimal’, ratio of E1, E4 and E16 (the good, the bad and the ugly).


Note: If your oestrogen and testosterone balances are messed up you will find it practically impossible to shift fat from the thighs, backs of the arms and chest.


Sound familiar anyone??????




So, how do you address this I hear you say?


Few ways.


A reverse osmosis filter for your tap water will help.


Minimising drinking from plastic bottles will too.


Pour your filtered water straight into a paraben free metal water bottle for best results.


An oestrogen detox is good.


We stock EstroClear for men and women for such a requirement (no O as it’s an American product).


Resistance training is good too.


Hence why it’s such an integral part of our programmes.


A good amount of protein in your diet as well.


Not a high protein diet, but a balanced diet.


Like we recommend.


Just because most people are on a Low Protein Diet, doesn’t mean taking a heathly amount is ‘high’.


Few suggestions for you there.


Gonna cover some of the other ‘big player’ hormones over the next few days too.


And stuff you can do to help their balance.




Much love,


Jon ‘Moobs’ Hall and Matt ‘Bingo Wings’ Nicholson


Fat man on the beach – myrise.co.uk

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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