A few weeks ago I posted a video by Special K in our facebook group.


It was about ‘fat talk’.


I’ll link you too it later.


I asked everyone, but the ladies in particular, for their reaction to is and for them to PM me examples of fat talk that they have used / still do.


It was eye opening to say the least.


Got loads of really interesting messages.


Which will remain anonymous.


It was particularly interesting to see how hard on themselves a lot of people are.


And the wide variety of body shapes and sizes that people are self critical about themselves for.


Even those that had what most would consider great bodies still suffer from ‘fat talk’.


One message was from someone who has a figure that most would kill for.


And she said she still regularly thinks that she “looks ok from the chest up”.


And “had fat days”.


And here’s some others:


“Girls our size” …(usually followed by something negative they shouldn’t do like wear certain clothes or styles, or do certain activities)

Refer to oneself as a ‘fat cow/overweight/big girl’ to acknowledge to people you are just meeting that you are aware you are fat just in case they think you don’t realise it and, importantly, before they can make reference to it. A way of making light, laughing at oneself before others laugh at you

Generally just looking in the mirror and telling the reflection looking back that it is unsightly and disgusting, and to call oneself some rude words.


Blubser whale

Pork chop

Tree trunk legs

Pie ass

Face is alright it’s just the rest of you

Lard arse

Beef Chief


And so on




The human brain is made of a six lobes.


For simplicity’s sake, we’re going to talk here about three of them.


The frontal, limbic and parietal lobes.


The other three are mainly to do with senses.


The frontal lobe deals with conscious thought.


The parietal lobe is to do with processing of informations, senses, etc


And the limbic lobe is by far the oldest (from an evolutionary perspective) and deals with memory and emotion.


To futher simplify this, we’re going to refer to these parts of the brain as the Human, the Computer and the Chimp as Steve Peters does in his book ‘The Chimp Paradox’ (where this idea is taken from).


It’s a great book that massive simplifies brain science.


I’m going to attempt to simplify it even more over the next few emails.


The human is you.


Your personality.


The computer is the parts of the brain you access for info.


One of the secrets of success and happiness is to learn to live with your Chimp and not get bitten or attacked by it.


There are different ways to manage your chimp’s behaviour.


He’ll always be there – but there are a variety of things your can do to minimise his influence.


I’m not going to go into them in this blog.


We always find drip feeding info to work the best.


Rather than – Boom!!! Here’es 5,000 words to read and understand.


I’ll get to how to deal with your chimp over the next few blogs.



Much love,


Jon ‘Taking the boys to meet the first English wrestling World Heavyweight Champion tonight’ Hall and Matt ‘Michael Jackson tribute act for me’ Nicholson


P.S. Here’s the link to the ‘Fat Talk’ video – www.youtube.com/watch?v=6roJKaihNf0


P.P.S. It would be great to hear examples from others out there of the sort of ‘Fat Talk’ they have (it’ll remain anonymous)


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