At the start of the month we upload the progress pics for the guys that have just finished their first ’20lbs in 8 weeks challenge’.


This month we had particularly awesome selection.


We were reading through the comments that the friends of each person had put under each photo.


And as always, many of them complimented their friend on their ‘willpower’.


Which seems a perfectly valid thing to do.


But the funny thing is, the best results ALWAYS come from those who’ve realised that willpower isn’t the way.


Faye Ronan, who smashed her 20lbs challenge (as we knew she would) replied to one of her friends:




As we’ve said many a time, willpower is a finite resource.


It runs out.


For everyone.


Anyone who ever tells you they always feel motivated and never have a bad day are lying to you.


You know them, the ‘burpees and broccoli brigade’.


The best results come when people STOP replying on willpower.


And use skill power.


Clever, no? 😉


Long term success doesn’t come from motivation.


It comes from carrying in doing what you know you need to do when you don’t feel motivated.


From building systems into your life so that what needs to be done, kinda ‘just happens’.


From just accepting that these things need to get done, regardless of how you feel about them at the time.



It’s a mental shift to take.


But it’s one of the best ones you can take.



Much love,


Jon ‘PowerSkill’ Hall and Matt ‘

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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