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Imagine you’re in a bar.


A little pig walks in.


He looks a bit peeved so you strike up a conversation.


Turns out he’s annoyed that the big, bad wolf blew his house down.


It was, of course, made of straw.


But the little pig is maintaining that it is a good house.


“It had low CO2 emissions” he explains.


“It was high in recyclable materials”.


“Fortified with extra hay it was”.


“Doesn’t matter mate” is your understandable reply.


“The wolf blew it down. It was a rubbish house”.




Now imagine someone who is overweight is explaining why their diet is “healthy”.


“It’s low fat”.


“High in fibre”.


“Fortified with lots of vitamins and minerals”


“Doesn’t matter mate” is your understandable reply.


“You’re over-weight. It’s not a healthy diet”.


We never judge people.


We’re here to help.


Part of that help can be enabling them to see through certain beliefs and thought processes that are holding them back.


Gaining weight isn’t healthy.


All else being equal, extra body fat will increase the likelihood of most ailments and conditions.


Might not be nice to say or hear.


But tis a fact.


So a diet that is causing someone to gain weight (or not lose it) cannot be healthy.


Even if, by some definition, some part of it is.


So, if you’re gaining weight, hopefully this will help you to question a belief that you have a healthy diet.


Again, it probably has some good bits.


But there’ll be bits you’re missing.


Misinformation that you’re working from.


Confusing info from food marketers.


Not sure why or where your diet isn’t healthy?


Let us know what you’re eating and we’ll see what we can recommend.


Hit reply and we’ll see what we can do 🙂


Or, even better, if you’re not already with us, come down to that find-out-more meeting tomorrow night 🙂



Much love,


Jon ‘My house mates at Uni once built a wooden BBQ and were surprised when it burnt down’ Hall and Matt ‘Never built anything’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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