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Take two couples.

As always, I mean imagine that situation.

If you’ve just kidnapped four people, please out them back.

I’ll wait……….

Right – in couple one, one gets the others flowers on their birthday, Valentine’s Day and at Christmas.

In the other situation, one partner always does what they’d said they’d do for the other one, when they said they’d do it………

Asks how their day was every day………

And tells them they love them at least once a day.

If you didn’t know anything else, which relationship would you say was the strongest?

I assume we all went with the second one?

As is often the case in life, the little, regular things add up to more than the occasional bigger things.

I remember the story from (my CofE) primary school of the little old lady who put a pound a week into the church collection plate contributing more than the rich landowner who turned up at Christmas and put £50 in.

And I’m sure she didn’t even notice the loss of a pound a week.

And I can’t imagine anyone ever looking back and wishing that they hadn’t asked their other half how their day was and said that they loved them because of the time it had taken.

Lots of little choices that keep us in average calorie maintenance (or deficit) throughout the year will benefit us way more than surplus for most of the year than drastic fasts and / or “cleanses”.

Whether that’s stopping when we could’ve had more…………

Or making a few different choices of what to eat…………

Or, more likely, a combination of the two.

One (or more) workout per week across a year will do much more the five days a week from the New Year to mid March.

5 minutes of meditation every other day will have much more benefit than attempting to do an hour a day and it not happening.

And so on.

We’re often tempted when we don’t do something to then try and do something even bigger.

Start with what you can definitely do…………

That is just a choice.

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And, if that gets comfortable, you can build up from there.

Much love,

Jon ‘Donny Rovers’ Hall


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