Over the last few days I’ve covered a few ‘tactics’ you might use with regards to your eating (and drinking) over the Christmas period.

As always, this isn’t about ruining your fun.

It’s about making it more fun, if anything.

Just a much upside (or close enough, at least).

A fraction of the accompanying downside.

Getting you to January thinking both “I had a great time”…………..

And “I actually feel better now and haven’t undone months of good work”.

I’ve got a real simple one for you today.

Try delaying your decisions by 20 minutes.

You want to open another pack of biscuits?

Give it 20 minutes and make a decision.

You want to finish off that dessert, rather than popping it in the fridge?

Give it 20 minutes and make a decision.

You want to “open another bottle”?

Give it 20 minutes and make a decision.

You want to have a tub of cookie dough Ben and Jerry’s whilst watching that film?

Give it 20 minutes and make a decision.

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Still feel the same way then, go for it.

Don’t decide what decision you’ll be making either way until the 20 minutes is up.

But 20 minutes is often enough to let those cravings subside and let you make a more balanced decision.

And, surely we can all wait 20 minutes before making a decision?

This is a zero effort (physical, at least) and time solution.

You’ll either spend the exact same amount of time and effort as you would have done before.

Or, maybe, a bit less.

Give it a go!

Much love,

Jon ‘Stories’ Hall


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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