I was chatting to some of our ninjas t’other day.

In this case about some of the ‘challenges’ that make their journey a bit more difficult.
Some were unavoidable problems where it was very difficult to eat healthily, exercise, etc.
Which we get.
We know our clients have busy and challenging lives.
Sometimes it is a case of ‘damage limitation’.
Doing the best you can under the circumstances.
And not allowing it to fully derail you.
A number of these challenges were semi regular occurrences.
Or, at least, they were expected.
Not a surprise.
Something that had happened before.
I’m sure you remember the expression………
“Fool me once, shame on you.”
“Fool me twice, shame on me.”
Each time we face an unexpected and / or unexperienced challenge……….
It’s a learning opportunity.
It’s a chance to figure out how to deal with the same thing a bit better next time.
Only have crappy food options at a works do?
What can you do next time?
Personally, I’d go for the best options available.
Possibly having some good stuff at home before or after if it wasn’t possible to ‘get my fill’ of OK stuff at the works things.
Work times change unexpectedly so you can’t make your planned session?
What can you do next time?
Have a home workout ready?
Pre-empt it next time so you get your workouts in some other time?
Someone flabotages you by persuading you to eat or drink something you hadn’t planned to?
What can you do next time?
Have a word with them, asking them nicely not to do it again as it would really help you?
Work on your mindset so that it’s less tempting?
You get the idea.
We all have unexpected problems that can temporarily derail us.
But if these things keep happening again and again?
Fool me once…….
Much love,
Jon ‘Pity da fool’ Hall and Matt ‘I ain’t gettin on no plane’ Nicholson
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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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