So, we’re approaching the end of the year.


I’m sure you’ll all know that gyms will be packed come the start of January.


One great thing that shows us that what we are doing is working………


Is that usage in December and January isn’t all that much difference.


While in gyms, many people stop going completely in, maybe November and December, only to restart in the new year…….


Our usage only dips a little and then returns to normal.


Most members dropping from 3-4 sessions a week to, maybe, 2.


Then back up.


As you’d expect, the number of google searches for terms such as diet, exercise, weight loss, gym, etc increase in January.


It also increases at the start of each week and the start of each month.


And directly after people’s holidays and birthdays.


It’s what’s called the ‘Fresh Start Effect’.


Where people plan to do something (or restart something) after something else has happened.


It makes sense.


To find a good time to ‘get back on it’.


And we know things get in the way throughout the year.


They do for us too!


But what’s ultimately at the route of any ‘Fresh Start’……..


Is a belief that it’s something that isn’t just a regular, permanent thing that someone does.


We don’t have to ‘get back on’ socialising with friends.


We don’t think that we’ll ‘get Christmas out of the way’ before starting to watch our favourite programmes again.


We may miss some of these things from time to time, sure.


But we carry on again the next day / chance we get.


Or we try and ‘catch up’ on them.


So, if you’re thinking about making a Fresh Start in the New Year, why wait?


If you’re already a member, go get yourself booked in for a session now!


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And, remember, we have the ‘5lbs Christmas Leeway’ to give even less reason to ‘leave it till the New Year’ 🙂



Much love,


Jon ‘Fresh Prince’ Hall and Matt ‘Fresh and Fruity’ Nicholson




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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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