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You’ve probably had a lot of emails recently about GDPR.


The General Data Protection Regulation that comes into affect tomorrow.


This is partially us telling you about our (slightly) updated policies and GDPR compliance (check myrise.co.uk/privacy-policy if you so desire).


But I’m sure you know I wouldn’t just send you a boring email with a link next to no one will follow and read to the end 😉



We’ve not had to do much to be compliant with this legislation to be honest.


Not as much as many of our contemporaries I see out there.


You know why?


Because many of the things that many of them have done in the past that aren’t inline with this legislation are, at best, a bit amateurish.


At worst, rather dodgy.


You’ve always had to expressly give your permission for us to hold any information we have about you.


Either getting these blogs by going on our website, putting your email in and then clicking a confirmation link that’s been emailed to you.


Or you’ve joined up and signed to say that you give us permission to have and use certain bits of your information in certain ways.


We’ve never randomly added people to our mailing list.


We’ve never ‘bought’ lists of emails.


We’ve never sold any information to anyone (at all, let along without people’s permission).


We’ve always tried our best to keep the info we keep secure and safe.


We used CRM (Customer Relations Manager) software, secure payment portals, secure online logins, double locked paper membership forms, had passwords on files with members’ info in and more since day one.


Sure, looking through all this GDPR stuff has helped us tweak things a little to make things even better from that point of view.


But all these companies emailing you asking for permission to email you (because they don’t have it)?


All these people having to delete your email address, mobile number and more from their system because they never should’ve had it in the first place?


All these other FitPros having to write out policies for the first time?


Somewhere between amateur and dodgy in my book!




Weight Loss Preparation


The parallel here?


It’s always harder if you leave it till the last minute.


Whilst our contemporaries have had tonnes of work to do here and have lost a large amount of their ‘contacts’…………


We put an amount of effort in early on which has meant this has been a minor adjustment.


Same with healthy eating.


Wait till meal time to sort something out?


Chances are the easiest option won’t be great.


It’ll be popping to the staff canteen, Pret, Starbucks, the sandwich shop, etc from work.


It’ll be something quick and easy you’ve got in at home.


Or grabbing a take out on the way back.


You know those situations where you think you should have something a bit better, but it’s a pain and you’re already rush and tired.


So you don’t.


If we plan ahead it can be less time and effort.


Doesn’t need to be batch cooking loads of meals on a Sunday (an option, but too much of a step for most, myself included).


It can just be stopping to look at your movements for the coming week and making a plan around that.


Getting things on the ‘weekly big shop’ for specific meals you know might be tricky otherwise.


Or on your online food order.


Or picking something up on your way to work for that lunch.


Or just planning the meals so what you’ve got in will take you in the right direction and you’d have to let that go to waste to have something else.


That planning ahead makes it no more effort and, often, less. Weight loss preparation.


Much love,


Jon ‘YMCA’ Hall and Matt ‘LMFAO’ Nicholson


P.S. You may also be interested to know that, as well as been GDPR compliant, we are also fully qualified and insured. Nah – you definitely won’t be interested it that. It’s a given. Although most other FitPros mention it first on their sites. Yawn! We’ll stick to showing you some of our hundreds and hundreds of verified transformations – check RISE in Macclesfield’s briefing meeting if you’d like to become one of them 🙂



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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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