If I had a pound for every time I heard some variation of;


“It just boils down to moving more and eating less”……..


I’d have, well, enough pounds for maybe a little holiday.


## As an aside, one of my middle son’s friends came up to me the other day and said;


“Mr Hall, would you like 10 pounds?”


“Sure” I said.


And she punched me on the arm 10 times.


‘Pounding’ me, get it?


Kids today! ##


Gluttony or sloth?


That’s what “Eat less and move more” essentially is.


Which of the deadly sins is it?


Whilst there are people out there who are, perhaps, somewhat gluttonous or slothful……..


From our experience, this is rarely the whole story.


Most people who come to us work very hard.


On their jobs, their family life and so on.


And often they don’t eat as much as you would imagine.


Volume wise.


Nearly always it’s where and how they are applying the effort that could, perhaps, be tweaked.


It’s the habits and mindsets that drive where the effort goes that’s, perhaps, not quite optimal.


It’s the systems and methods used that mean the effort put in isn’t getting quite the results they’d like.


If the only answer is to work harder, than that’s not a long term answer.


Will power and effort can make that happen……..


But only for so long.


When more helpful systems are put in place……..


When limiting beliefs and unhelpful habits are challenged and altered……..


When our live are designed to make everything as easy as possible………


When the same amount of total effort in life can yield better results………


That’s when the magic happens.



Much love,


Jon ‘Lust’ Hall and Matt ‘Wrath’ Nicholson


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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