Yesterday morning I did my first sprint triathlon in my home town of Ashbourne.


My brother in law Leigh suggested a while ago and he, I, my sister Katie and my girlfriend Alex all decided to give it a go.


Despite working in fitness for the last 12 years, neither running nor cycling have ever really been my thing.


I was pretty happy with my performance and time though.


But the thing I thought was really good was the organisation and atmosphere.


Infact the whole thing kind of reminded me of the journey our members take.


There was the positive encouragement all the way.


Lots of people at the poolside and the changeover particularly.



And dotted along the cycle and run route.


And the other ‘competitors’.


“Nice one mate – you’re nearly there”.


“Last hill and you’re home”.


And so on.


There was the camaraderie between everyone on the same journey no matter when they started or how fast they were going.


My sister, who hasn’t really exercised in the 20 years since she left school, said she was surprised how friendly and encouraging the “super fit” ones were to her.


It’s the same when people start with us.


Many assume the fitter ones will judge them and look down on them.


And are surprised when the find the opposite.


There was also the similarities with the games your mind plays on you along the journey.


When the going gets tough, the little voice that says “you can’t do this”.


Until you quieten it down and do it.


Because, deep down, you know you can.


And the little targets you set yourself along the way that all add up.


“I’ll just make it to that tree before I think about stopping” is the same as “I can at least eat healthily till the weekend”.


And you get there and set the next mini target.


There’s the friendly mini competitions along the way.


“I’m going to try and overtake this guy by the next bend” / “I won’t let her get so far ahead that she’s out of sight”.


Is like “I’m not going to stop these squats, planks, swings, etc till he does”.


Doesn’t really matter who ‘wins’ but it helps you keep going.


The journey can seem very long, especially when you’re near the beginning.


But each time you take an extra step in the right direction you’re getting closer to your target.


And you will get there if you keep going in the right direction 🙂


Much love,


Jon ‘1:19:37 if anyone’s interested’ Hall and Matt ‘Pretty sure I could beat that time’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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