Now, I’m not talking about what I got up to at the weekend.


Not in this email, anyway 😉


Although, actually I was on a Stag Do and we had the Stag dressed in a suit top, hot pants and high heels, like on the the ‘Go Compare’ advert.


I’m talking about ye olde ‘self talk spiral’.


You know the one.


It normally only goes downwards.


Starts with a slightly negative thought.


Like “I hope today’s not too bad”.


Or “I’m not looking forward to XYZ”.


Spirals down through “I don’t like my job / partner” and similar things………


All the way down to “I’m a miserable failure of a human being, I hate myself and wish I’d never been born”.


If you get that, don’t feel bad about it.


A lot of people do.


We’ve talked to thousands of people who get this over the years.


I’m predicting several of you will reply to this email about it.


Even if you’re spiral doesn’t go that far down, I’m sure you recognise the concept.


But, the good news is that spiral goes both ways.


That’s what I was talking about 😉


We can’t stop thoughts popping into our head.


But we can add others in.


By choosing to think them.


Next time a negative one comes in, try and follow it with a more positive one.


Then more positive still.


And again.


Before you know if, you’ll be feeling good.


As with many of the things we talk about, it’s feels forced to start with.


But practice makes perfect!


And it soon becomes second nature.


Same as most things we teach our members (


“I have no willpower” can become


“I have some willpower” then


“I have willpower a lot of the time, just struggle in some situations” then


“I actually make the right decision more often than not” then


“There’s no reason I can’t make the right choices 95% of the time if I remember why I’m doing this”


Or similar for other thoughts!


Try it 🙂



Much love,


Jon ‘My friend now has new found understanding of why his fiance is so slow when in big heels’ Hall and Matt ‘Would suit that look’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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