We’ve mentioned before that ‘the words we use drive our thoughts which drives our actions’.

You know – saying “I’m on a diet” will lead to different thoughts and, therefore, different actions, than “I eat heathly”.

Saying “I try to go for a workout” creates different thoughts and behaviours than “I workout regularly as it’s good for me”.

Another way this applies is in the way we describe social engagements.

“Going out for a drink” for example.

That’s not really the case.

We’re, surely, going to meet friends or family or colleagues.

We may drink when we’re there.

But we’re not really “going out for a drink”.

We don’t just go to a pub an get leathered by ourselves, do we?

Hopefully 😉

And if we are going out with the intention of getting smashed so the evening is enjoyable, then are they really the people we want to be spending time with? – surely we should be able to enjoy their company (relatively) sober.

We’re not saying ‘don’t drink’.

We enjoy a few ourselves.

Just try changing what you have planned from “going for a drink” to “meeting friends / family / colleagues for a catch up / chat”.

And see how that affects your consumption and, therefore, waistline and health.

Much love,

Jon ‘Going out bowling tomorrow. May have a drink or four while I’m there’ Hall and Matt ‘Me too. And 40 ninjas’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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