During the second year of Uni I lived in a house of four guys and four girls.


One of them was called Hannah.


There was also a Jo (Hey Jo – you still reading these?).


And we knew a Paul and a Rachel.


We just needed a Bradley and a Tina and we could have made an S Club 7 tribute band.


Anyway Hannah was (and probably still is) very slim (tag her in this will you Jo?).


Hannah drank mugs of hot water.


Instead of a tea or coffee like.


Just neat hot water.


And everyone seemed to put her slimness down to drinking hot water.


She also went to the gym regularly, ran, ate healthily and didn’t drink much – mainly because she was a bit of a lightweight 😉


The hot water was just a coincidence, of course.


A case of correlation, not causation.


Like Homer’s ‘Tiger Rock’ in The Simpsons 😉


It’s a mistake people will often make.


They will accredit someone’s getting or being in shape with something that has absolutely nothing to do with it.


Or is, at best, a very small part of a much bigger picture.


People who’ve lost loads of weight and accredit it to their pyramid sales ‘cleanse system’.


Sorry, ‘Multi Level Marketing’.


But neglect to mention they also started exercising regularly and eating much better.


Same with pretty much every ‘miracle cure’.


Anything that sounds ‘to good to be true’.


At most these things will add a little extra.


But there is no shortcuts really.


Healthy eating is the key.


Followed by regular, effective exercise.


In that order of importance.


You won’t get many in our industry admit it’s that way round.



Much love,


Jon ‘How many roads must a man walk down, before you can call him a man?’ Hall and Matt ‘Seven’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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