I’ve mentioned in a previous blog in December that an old friend from my wrestling days had become the TNA World Heavyweight Champion and the first ever British World Champion to boot.




8 days ago another old friend became the WWE World Heavyweight Champion in front of 75,000 fans at the annual WrestleMania Pay Per View.


A 5’8″, 12 stone, not particularly good looking vegan, he (Daniel Bryan) is possibly the least likely World Heavyweight Champion of all time.


But he’s worked his absolute balls off for 15 years to reach the summit of our profession.


Travelling the world, learning his craft until he was just so good they couldn’t ignore him, he did it the hard way.


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He passed through the UK many times on the courses of his travels and I had the honour of wrestling him in Skegness, of all places, in 2005.


Watching his big moment the other day as he plowed through Triple H, Batista, and Randy Orton (all 6’2″ plus, tanned body builder types with 29 world titles between them) to end the show stood on the announcers table with the title held over head, confetti streaming from the ceiling and over 75,000 screaming his “Yes” catchphrase was a classic moment


For him, his friends and family and every underdog whose ever been told they can’t do something.




So – hard work pays off.


At RISE we’re all for making it as easy as possible.


Working smarter, not just harder.


But, at the same time, it will involve effort.


If it was easy, everyone would do it.


If I could be in the sort of shape and health I want to be in with no exercise and by eating lots of ice cream and drinking lots of beer every day, I would.


I’m happy with my food and my lifestyle.


But if I didn’t need to, I wouldn’t do it.


I just accept it’s what needs to be done to get what I want.


And just get on with it.


If you’re struggling to make certain changes in your life, maybe you just need to accept it’s going to be hard.


Try to make it as easy as possible, sure.


But accept that it’ll be hard work.


But worth it.


Just like Bryan will think those thousands of miles driving to crummy venues, the countless bumps, bruises and injuries and all that pain and sacrifice were worth it.


When he looks at his hefty bank balance, big house and mega hot girlfriend (I do wonder how the no sex before marriage, devout Christian beliefs he had when I knew him are going).


And above all, the pride he must have in knowing he’s worked hard and achieved something.


Like you’ll have when that body and life you want finally arrive


Much love,






Jon ‘He beat me with a roll up by the way” Hall and Matt “Can’t believe the Ultimate Warrior died’ Nicholson

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