Have they become ‘residual beneficiaries’? [Those that matter the most]

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I heard this term the other day.

“Residual beneficiaries”

“A residuary beneficiary is a beneficiary who has been left a percentage of what’s left in the Estate after all debts and expenses have been settled”

Or what’s left when a company gets liquidated or similar.

Those that get whatever is left over.

Probably not much.

But, possibly something we’re all guilty of at times?

With the people that are most important in our lives?

Our family and friends.

Who get whatever is left of our energy, enthusiasm and mood after work or other such commitments have drained them.

Who “fit in” around other stuff which, ultimately, is less important.

I get it.

The bills need to be paid.

But how could make it so that everyone benefits enough?

We look after ourselves in a way that creates more energy, enthusiasm and mood?

We put the people that are important to us (including ourselves) in the schedule first (or, at least, considerably earlier than they might be now)?

How can we make it so some of those ‘residual beneficiaries’ become ‘primary beneficiaries’?

Much love,

Jon ‘Danny DeVito in Twins’ Hall

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