“He always does tempo training”

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You may not know (or care) that I used to do in-club Personal Training.

Three years in Sheffield before I started working in fitness management.

Then two and a half years in Macclesfield before setting up what is now RISE.

When I started at the club in Macc there’d not been a great history of PTs being successful there.

As happens in a lot of clubs, many had come and gone over the years.

I did alright.

13 months in a row ranked as number one (out of over a thousand) on the Club Training website (which covered all PTs for that chain and several others).

There was one PT there when I started.

The only one who’d stayed for any length of time.

I’ll be honest, I forget his name.

Nice guy though.

I remember one of the staff there telling me there wouldn’t be enough business for both of us.

He also told me about the other PT.

“He always does tempo training” he said.

By which he meant slow, controlled exercises with his clients.

Tempo in exercise usually been marked with four digits.

Number of seconds on the “up bit” .

Number of seconds hold at the “top”.

Number of seconds going “down”.

Number of seconds at the “bottom”.

So a 1-1-4-1 tempo would be one second on the way up, one second pause, four seconds on the way down and one second pause at the bottom.

The thing is though, all training is “tempo training”.

Because all movement has a speed.

We can’t do training without it being “tempo training”.

We, perhaps, just don’t realise it.

In the same way we can’t lose weight without it “being a calorie deficit thing”.

We might not realise that.

Or we might use other methods than counting or tracking to create that deficit.

Times / days of eating, not eating or eating less.

“Cutting out” or reducing certain food groups.

Portion control.

And so on.

But it’s always a “calorie deficit thing”.

If it’s not, we don’t lose weight.

Accepting that is powerful.

Doesn’t mean we need to obsessively count those calories.

But being aware that our method(s) of choice need to create said deficit………

Means we won’t be wasting our time and effort on something that won’t work.

Much love,

Jon ‘Kung Pao’ Hall

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