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I was chatting to one of our members the other day.

Let’s call him Mark.

You guessed it – that’s because it’s his name.

I’d been out with one of his brothers the weekend before.

Lee, if you will.

And the other two brothers, who I’d not met before, were there.

Which I told him.

“I met your other brothers on Saturday” was my exact, rather predictable, sentence.

“He calls this place a cult” Mark said, in reference to the older brother.

Which is fine.

I did quick rewind in my head to make sure I’d not misheard the third letter.

But “cult” it was.

It’s something I’ve been told we’ve been called many times over the years.

And, I’m sure, for every time someone has told me someone has said that to them, there’ll be 10 or more other times I don’t know about.

I googled the definition of “cult” to see if it was apt.

Wikipedia has it as “a social group that is defined by its unusual religious, spiritual, or philosophical beliefs, or by its common interest in a particular personality, object, or goal”.

With the option of taking just one of each “or” option I can make that pretty accurate.

“A social group that is defined by its unusual philosophical beliefs, or by its common interest in a particular goal”.

Pretty much bang on.


I’d say very much so.


Yup – everything we do is group based.


In a world in which the majority are getting fatter, sicker and / or less happy with their body and energy levels………

The opposite is unusual.


Our guys share in the opinion that, challenging as it can be, it’s worth investing in themselves.

For the benefits it brings to their lives.

They like the idea of having fun with like minded people in an intimidation free atmosphere.

And of an approach that doesn’t involve using willpower to do boring exercise they hate and give up their favourite foods.

And they’re not averse to investing a bit more than most (time, money and effort) in themselves.

Common interest?

Yup – that shared desire to take care of ourselves for the benefits it brings to both us and everyone in our lives.

Particular goal?

Few of our members are that bothered about being mega fit.

No one is training to compete.

Or to step on stage as a bodybuilder.

They all want their version of “fit, slim and strong enough”.

To live their lives how they want.

Whilst still living their lives how they want.

So, based on this definition, “cult” it is.

And proud of it 🙂

And if that sounds like the sort of “cult” you’d like to join, here’s where you take that next step –> www.myrise.co.uk/apply

Much love,

Jon ‘Jones’ Hall

P.S. I do realise that’s twice this week that I’ve referenced the worst swear word in these blogs – my bad!


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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