Everyone lies.


We’ve said it before.


From little white lies to protect others.


To the ones we tell ourselves.


To protect us.


To stop us having to face the often harsh reality.


One thing about FaceBook is that we can get caught out in our lies very quickly.


And it makes you realise how often we do lie.


There’s one particular guy I’ve noticed recently.


Used to be a member with us.


Messaged me when he was leaving to say he was unexpectedly having to leave the country and asking to be let off money he owed us.


Strange then that I see him on Facebook clearly in Macclesfield a few weeks later.


And odd that now my step daughter has started in the same swimming lesson as his daughter that I see him there every week.


And funny that my friends who work in other health and fitness options in the area say he’s tried the same with them.


Only today I saw him posting things for sale in FaceBay as he was ‘unexpectedly leaving the country’.


Weird that he was only having to sell a couple of things.


And I bet I see him at swimming this weekend.


And the next.


A pointless lie the last one.


He’s just so into the habit of it.


Funnily enough I was never convinced he was telling us the whole story when he explained what he ate.


What he described should have been leading to the body of a Greek god.


But, for some reason, it that wasn’t quite happening.


I think he probably doesn’t realise he’s lying to be honest.


As we often don’t when we do.


When we tell ourselves we ‘can’t do it’ when we can.


We think we’re telling the truth.


When we tell ourselves that eating healthier food is somehow harder or more complicated than eating unhealthy food.


When it’s really not (still think it is, then you might like to come to this to find out more – myrise.co.uk/briefing-meeting).


We tell ourselves we can’t do a certain exercise.


When we haven’t tried it.


We wonder why we’re not losing weight / getting fitter / healthier.


When we know we haven’t been eating and / or exercising like we should.


We’re not saying these things to have a go.


We find ourselves doing the same until we realise it.


If anyone of those ring true to you though – then now’s the time to stop.


You know the truth.


And you know it will set you free.


You just need to be honest with yourself.



Much love,


Jon ‘As The Day Is Long’ Hall and Matt ‘Lies Make Baby Jesus Cry’ Nicholson


Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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