I got a text from my mum last night.

She’s buying a new laptop.
She’d been down to the computer shop and returned thoroughly confused.
Talk of ram, gigs, processors and so on had left her someways bewildered.
It’s like that for most people when they start a new weight loss or fitness programme / system / regime.
Lots of words they don’t understand.
Very little attempt to explain what they mean.
And a general assumption that everyone already understands what’s been said.
The amount of fellow FitPros we see who refuse to talk about “weight loss” and insist on “fat loss”.
And dismiss words such as toning, because you can’t ‘technically’ tone muscle.
And throw words and acronyms like GI, adipose and EFAs around to the bewilderment of most.
It’s why we try to keep our stuff as simple as possible to start with.
A (real) balanced diet.
Natural foods.
Reduce stress.
Improve sleep.
Drink more water.
That gets most people a good 80%+ of the way.
At which point they might feel ready for some more advanced stuff.
But to start with, we make sure we “speak-a” their language.
Anyone got the Vegemite sandwich bit yet?
10 points if you do 🙂
Much love,
Jon ‘Strange Lady’ Hall and Matt ‘6’4″ and full of muscles’ Nicholson
P.S. Anything less than 100% sure about anything we do or have mentioned? Hit reply and let us know 🙂

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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