I was listening to an audio training from my coach recently.

He’s just got back from talking at an event in Puerto Rico.

And he told the story of how the guy who was compering got his break in doing those kind of events.

He just started turning up at them, uninvited.

Set up his stuff in the corridor and started playing music.

When the event organisers asked him who’d arranged for him to be there, he said it was the venue.

When the venue asked, he said it was the event organisers.

After 3 months people started booking him direct for events.

And he went on to compere them.

Which I thought was an awesome story.

When you’re not getting the result you want (getting paid in this case)…………..

Just do the process anyway and that result will come with time.

If this guy had given up on that approach after trying it once (or 10 times) he wouldn’t have got where we wanted to get to.

If he’d just, essentially, waited and hoped it’d happen, even less progress.

Doing is the only way to get there.

Making better food choices than we could do is more likely to lead to even better food choices in future.

Exercising when we don’t feel like it is more likely to lead to us feeling like it at some point.

Meditating when we’re not immediately budda like (no one is) is the only way to get somewhat closer to that.

And so on.

Doing the process and being ok without the immediate result we’d theoretically like…………

Is often the only way to getting to that result over time!

Much love,

Jon ‘the merket’ Hall

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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