He turned it off after a while

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You may or may not know (or care) that I was brought up on a dairy farm.

A great childhood it was.

My Dad would milk the cows twice a day, seven days a week.

Plus other general jobs to keep the farm running.

The field directly in front of our house would have the cows in at times.

And to stop them wandering into our garden (or to save having to open and close a pair of gates really), he’d put an electric fence up along that near edge of the field.

—— Top tips for checking if an electric fence is on – 1. Hold a blade of grass and touch the wire as you’ll only get a very minor shock or 2. Put as much skin as possible (entire forearm) in contact with the wire rather than just giving it a quick touch with your finger tip (that’ll hurt the most) ———

After a number of days he’d turn the fence off.

As the cows had quickly learned that touching it hurts.

So they didn’t even try.

Much like we are prone to do.

We have an unpleasant experience of some sort……..

And do the equivalent of never touching that wire again.

Encircling ourselves with a fictional comfort zone.

Not brushing up against it for fear of what’ll happen.

When what happened last time probably wasn’t as bad as we remember.

And it might not even happen this time.

Even if it is a bit uncomfortable, we could probably push through it more easily than we might realise.

Usually we don’t even give it much thought.

Don’t realise we’re even doing it.

But it’ll be happening.

We’ll be encircled by the equivalent of that switched off electric fence.

That we could push through with moderate discomfort at most.

Much love,

Jon ‘My nephew and niece have now lived in that house longer than I did’ Hall

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