“He’s said he can help me lose weight without having to be in a calorie deficit”

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Every now and again I reach out to former members.

Those for whom a check-in is appropriate.

Maybe said they’d got a particularly reason to stop that would change at a certain point.

“Away with work for three months”.

A particular financial issue that would be resolved at some point.

Some come back.

Some say the time isn’t right still.

Some have decided to do something else.

Which is fine.

We’ve never claimed what we do is the perfect fit for everyone.

### I can guarantee those that say they are, are the exact opposite ########

I had someone reply recently saying that they liked the approach of the new place they’re at more as they “don’t focus on calories”.

In fact “He’s said he can help me lose weight without having to be in a calorie deficit”.

The first bit was cool.

But, the second?

Unless they’ve found a way to bypass the agreed laws of physics…….

It ain’t happening.

They might promote an approach which doesn’t directly consider calories.

But for it to help people lose weight, it will have to create that deficit.

You don’t have to count calories.

You don’t have to track with MyFitnessPal.

You can take whatever approach you like.

Whatever method works for you.

But there’s no getting around the fact that that method has to enable the ‘principal’ of the deficit to occur.

— Different coloured days……….

— Points……….

— Food group elimination (reducing or cutting our carbs, fat, certain foods, etc)………

— Fasting (formerly known as ‘skipping meals’)……….

— Nutrient timing (eating at certain times and not at others)……..

All work if they create a deficit.

And don’t if they don’t.

Tracking can work in conjunction with anyone of those.

Just to make sure what we’re doing is going to work.

It doesn’t have to be done forever.

Or at all.

But it’s the only sure fire way we have ever encountered (after nearly twenty years in this game).

Again, whatever method that works for you is great.

But let’s not kid ourselves that we can “lose weight without having to be in a calorie deficit”.

Much love,

Jon ‘And Field’ Hall

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Jon Hall

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