“Hold up it is”

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I want to make it a habit without actually doing it

In 1982 Prince (the singer, not the prince) released the song ‘1999’.

In which he repeatedly proclaimed that “tonight I’m gonna party like its 1999”.

Fast forward 17 years and Will Smith (the actor and singer, not the character in ‘Home and Away’ played by Zac Drayson) releases ‘Will 2K’.

In which he sang “The new millennium, yo excuse me Willennium (yeah), It can’t get thicker than this (Big Will), Slick like Rick I can’t miss. And we gonna party like it’s 19.. Hold up it is”.

——— It wasn’t his greatest work, I must admit ๐Ÿ˜‰ ———-

The future had arrived.

As it always does.

1999 had once seemed so futuristic and distant.

It came and went.

And is now the distant(ish) past.

We’ve passed 2001 (A Space Odyssey), Terminator’s Judgment Day, (Back To The) Future and more.

Time just keeps rolling on.

17 years (or weeks or months) will come.

Death is the only way that it won’t for us.

And we have two choices.

We can either have done the things that will lead us to the goal we desire.

Or we won’t have done them.

Not doing them won’t really “save time”.

If we’ve done them, we won’t look back and wish we’d used the time on other stuff.

No one who ever got their body / health / energy to where they’d like it to be ever said “I wish I’d spent that time watching more tele and checking Facebook”.

All that ever really exists is the present.

The here and now.

All we have is that choice.

That decision that serves us better, overall.

Of the one that doesn’t.

Much love,

Jon ‘Char2K Will2K’ Hall

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