One thing that regularly confuses people when they’re first start with us (which they do after coming to the find out more meeting after clicking this link –> ………


Is that they end up losing weight……..


While eating more food than they ate when they were gaining weight.


There’s a number of reasons.


The effect of eating properly, destressing and better sleeping on hormone balance.



And what that does to the body’s ability to release fat stores.


But, ultimately, real food is less energy dense, on average, than shitty processed foods.


Try getting the same number of calories from some green veg as you do from a Mars bar.


It will be a lot more volume.


Which will, of course, keep you fuller for longer.


And, corrected for calories, balanced diets of carbs, protein and fat are more ‘filling’ than the standard western Meta-High Carb Diet.


But people sometimes misunderstand this as “Eating more will help me lose weight quicker.”


If you’ve had ‘enough’ natural, balanced food………


And you have some more………


You will gain weight.


Just because counting calories alone isn’t the best approach………


It doesn’t mean calories ‘don’t count’.


Often the problem is just people misjudge how much they need.


Or they’ll eat a portion size because “it comes like that” or they’re eating with someone else who is bigger and / or more active.


Or it’s just a volume of food they are in the habit of eating.


So, once you’ve got the hang of eating real food with a balance of protein, carbs and fat (a third of your energy from each – a 2:2:1 ratio in weight terms)………


If you’re not losing weight……….


Checking portion size can be a next step.


Don’t worry though, we’re not fans of ‘going hungry’.


Make a normal portion.


Eat half.


Pop the rest in the fridge (or somewhere out of site) for 20 minutes.


If you’re still hungry, have a bit more.


If you’re not hungry, don’t.


Your appetite is your friend, not your enemy.


If you genuinely are hungry, eat.


If you’re not, don’t eat for the sake of it.


It won’t take many meals of doing that before you get a better idea what a suitable portion size is for you.



Much love,


Jon ‘Hungry, hungry hippo’ Hall and Matt ‘Pop up pirate’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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