A couple of weeks ago we had four of our lovely ninjas publish similar posts in our members only group within a few hours of each other.


Making public pledges as to something they intended to do over the coming weeks and months.


As the other three are still ongoing, we’ll probably come back to them (Dion, Justin and Tom) at some later point.


In Ben’s case though his post was about a two week period which has just ended.


Having been involved in filming BBC’s SpringWatch earlier this year, the time had come for AutumnWatch.


Two weeks away from home.


Being catered for (by the BBC).


Harribo and chocolate bars freely available.


Long, tiring days.


Ben’s intentions had been:


– I will only choose JERF food. I will not eat ANY of the puddings.
– I will make time to do three workouts each week
– I will drink 3 litres of water per day, and only one coffee.
– I will make good decisions about what to drink in the pub after work


In his follow up post yesterday, Ben said “I broke them all”.


However reading a little deeper, it was clear that the fortnight had been considerably better than the one earlier this year.


Main meal choices good throughout.


No puddings till after week 1.


3 workouts in week 1.


Water, caffeine and alcohol all better than they were.


The only real ‘issue’ being the Harribo and chocolate.


And rather than concentrating on the ‘failures’ Ben is seeing the opportunities for improvement.


And questioning where and why things went wrong.




We’ve never known someone to do a public proclamation of their intentions…………


And then not, at least, follow them through BETTER than they had previously or would have done without the announcing their intentions!


Maybe not perfectly.


But better is better no?


Try it yourself.


Pop on Facey now.


Tag me in it if you’re a Facebook chum.


Or reply to this and let us know.


What are you planning on doing?


Give us some details.


Number of workouts, healthy eating plans, stopping or reducing XYZ, etc.


And let’s see how you get on.


Here’s mine:


No drinking at home (unless we’re entertaining) for the rest of the month.


I’ll let you know how I’m getting on.


You do the same.





Much love,


Jon ‘Drinks too much’ Hall and Matt ‘Much better than I used to be’ Nicholson


P.S. Having us there for accountability is one of the key reasons our members do so well. myrise.co.uk/briefing-meeting if you want to find out more.

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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