One of the problems that we have to cover with our new dudes every  month is confusion.


They’ve been told so many different things by so many different ‘experts’ that it’s hard to know what to think and do.


There’s a couple of ways we recommend to help people decide who to listen to.


And why they might want to listen to what we’re telling them over other stuff they’ve heard.


Track record / success rates is one.


Another is to look at how these ‘experts’ make their money off you.


And what that means for how much you should chose to listen to their advice.


Now we love what we do.


But, ultimately we have bills to pay and mouths to feed.


We are a business, like any other.


But the way we’ve built our model is ‘growth through success’.


It costs a lot of money to get each new member – between the money back deposit on the ’20lbs weight loss challenge’, marketing, referral gifts, admin and so on.


We need someone to stay a good few of months before we actually make profit.


People who only stay a few months actually cost us money.


We don’t tie people into contracts.


So we need to make sure they are getting good results, having fun and wanting to stay.


Plus, a large amount of our business comes from recommendations.


People getting great results and telling their friends.


Contrast this with how other models are structured:



Commercial gyms:


80% of membership base expected to not attend regularly.


Imagine if all the members of a 4,000 member gym went 3+ times per week.


100+ people in the gym at all times – more like 3-400 at peak times.


It would be carnage!


Membership rates would be 5 times as much if it was limited to regular attenders.



‘Meeting’ based slimming programmes


Make money off weekly subs – not tied into results.



Meal replacement programmes


Make money off you buying their products for the rest of your life.



‘Magic’ supplements


As above.



Online ‘gurus’


Selling you some sort of product in a one off transaction – usually no expectation of repeat business from you.



As always, we’re not saying everyone should necessarily come to us.


Our programmes aren’t for everyone.


But, when choosing what approaches to take and who to listen to, looking at how they make money off you is a good start.



Much love,


Jon ‘Makes a lot less money than you’d think’ Hall and Matt ‘Bloody overheads’ Nicholson

How do they make money off you? Macclesfield Personal Trainer weight loss gym

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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