One thing we’ve noticed over the years………


Is how people describe their current situation………


Has a big impact on how likely they are to change it.


If people use phrases that are, essentially ,statements;


“I am fat”


“I’ve always been fat”


“I come from a fat family”


“It’s my genes”


“I’m too busy”


“I haven’t got the time”


And so on……..


They’ll struggle to change.


They are what the experts call ‘entity theorists’.


Things just are or aren’t.


They can’t be changed.




People who describe their situation more as a result of their actions……..


“I haven’t been eating well recently”


“I’ve let work get in the way of my workouts this month”


“I haven’t been as focussed since………”


Are what the experts call ‘incremental growth minded theorists’.


They realise that it is under their control.


Doesn’t mean it’s easy to do.


But it’s an important start.


We’ve mentioned before that the words we use drive our thoughts, which drive our actions, which drive the results.


Change your words, change your mindset, change your actions, change the result.


Change the way you describe your current situation………


And over time, the thoughts, the action and the result will follow.


Don’t let yourself say things that ‘just are’.


Phrase it as a result of your choices.


As always, it starts forced.


But the more you do it, the more natural it becomes.


You get better and exercises by doing them.


You’ll get better at this by doing it!



Much love,


Jon ‘Got a bit chubby a few months ago because I was drinking too much’ Hall and Matt ‘My back was weak because I didn’t squat, not I couldn’t squat because my back was weak’ Nicholson

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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