We’ve mentioned before that we often get our brains picked by fellow FitPros.


On courses we go to.


Over Le Book De Face.


It’s all good – we’re happy to help most people.


T’other day I had someone asking about the emails we send.


Like this bad boy you’re reading now.


“I struggle with writing. How do I get good at writing emails?”


“By writing emails” was my reply.




No one is ever good at something on their first go.


Sure, some take to certain things quicker.


But, show me someone who’s any good at anything who hasn’t started worse and practiced themselves better.


When we first decided to start daily emails, I found it hard work.


Took a lot of thinking about each one.


And I was often short of ideas.


I’ve written one every weekday for over 2 years now.


Must be on several hundred.


Some might argue that they’re still rubbish.


But they generally get good responses and I actually have to pace myself now – there’s so many ideas in my head that I could probably do 2 or 3 a day now.




Tis the same with the various things people have to do to get in shape.


“I’m not a very good cook” someone might say.


Or “I’m not great at exercise”


Or “I’m not very good at challenging my mindset and working on my habits”


How do you get better at cooking, exercise and challenging mind sets and working on habits?


You cook, exercise, challenge mind sets and work on habits.


You get the idea.


Whatever ‘skills’ you feel you’re lacking that are holding you back.


Will only get better by doing them.


Start doing them badly and we promise you that you’ll get good at them far quicker than by not doing them.


Much love,


Jon ‘Been bad at lots of things in my time’ Hall and Matt ‘Me too’ Nicholson


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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