“How long ago was Jesus born?”

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Picture primary school Jon in an RE lesson.

I probably look a bit bored – RE was never “my thing”.

Mr Dalton asks us “How many years ago was Jesus born?”

I had no idea.

Sally-Anne Edge pops her hand up and says “One thousand, nine hundred and ninety one years ago”.

We all look at her like she’s the second coming of Steven Hawking.

Until we realise that that was just the year (1991) and, apparently, Jesus was born in year zero.

——— In retrospect, Sally-Anne was wrong as it would’ve been “One thousand, nine hundred and ninety years and a few months” at that point ———–

What on the face of it appeared to be a complicated “number thing” was, in fact, pretty simple.

When we “got our head around it”.

Tracking our food is much the same.

It seems confusing.

And hard work.

We hear other people talk about the numbers behind it and are somewhat “lost”.

But, when we give it a go………..

It doesn’t take long to get the hang of.

Maybe 10 or 20 minutes at most to set up MyFitnessPal and have a bit of a play with it.

A minute or two at most per meal to do.

——— Many who’ve got used to it report that their screen time shows that a whole week of tracking takes under five minutes ———-

I’ve never known a single person who thought “It’s a bit of faff” or “Takes too much time”………….

Who’s then spent enough time on it to get used to……….

That has found it was anywhere near as complicated or time consuming as they thought it would be.

From our experience, tracking our food has, by far, the biggest return on investment for time and effort out of anything we can do (for weight loss, at least).

If you’re a member and unsure what to do, then ask a coach and / or check the Learn tab on the app.

Not a member yet?

What are you waiting for?

Much love,

Jon ‘Hey Zeus’ Hall

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