While we’re on old expressions, here’s another.

“Chase one rabbit, catch it.

Chase two and you catch nothing.”

The relevance of it here?

In changing of habits of course my friend.

People often find that when they try and change several things in one go………

None of them end up happening.

They try and change all their meals, snacks, water, caffeine and alcohol intake all in one go.

And start regular exercise.

And maybe something to help with sleep or stress.

Tis a lot to do in one go, no?

Do one thing at time.

Doesn’t mean it needs to take ages to get it all sorted.

Sometimes a couple of days is all it takes to do a new habit enough so that it will stick.

So, if you’re struggling with making changes……..

Identify your biggest win…….

The one that will have the biggest return on investment……..

The most effect for the least effort.

And get cracking on that.

When that’s feeling like second nature, move on the the next biggest win.

And so on.

Much love,

Jon ‘Rabbit in the headlights’ Hall and Matt ‘Rampant Rabbit’ Nicholson

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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