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During the lockdowns of the last year or so, the family and I had numerous ‘themed’ evenings in.

Race nights, drive thru cinema, quizzes, game shows and much more.

We did a casino night too.

Got a new roulette wheel and baize of Amazon to go with the black jack set we already have.

Our youngest particularly enjoyed that night.

So much so that I sometimes find him with the roulette wheel out, counting the numbers and having a spin.

Do you know what the record is for most consecutive lands on one colour?

At least in a well know, casino type situation?

It was in Monte-Carlo on August 18, 1913.

The ball fell on black 26 times in a row.

A one in 67 million chance (as you might expect, I just figured that out with Excel).

Gamblers lost millions expecting it to land on red along the way.

You can imagine people saying “It can’t land on black again” or “What are the chances?”

That game made the term “the gambler’s fallacy” famous.

“when an individual erroneously believes that a certain random event is less likely or more likely to happen based on the outcome of a previous event or series of events”

The chances, of course, of it landing on black again are 50-50.

What happened before has zero impact on what’s about to happen.

But the human brain is tempted to see it a different way.

As it often does in many areas.

We make decisions based off our last decisions.

We eat too much and then that’s the reason for eating too much again at the next meal.

Framing it as “writing off” that time period (day, weekend, week, etc).

Or we have one drink and use that a reason to have another.

We miss one workout and use that as a reason for missing another.

These are, of course, all things we can choose to do.

Free world.


Our previous decisions don’t have to have any impact on our next ones………..

Unless we choose them to.

Each spin of the wheel or roll of the dice is a fresh event.

Unaffected by any event that precedes it.

Each choice we make is the same.

Much love,

Jon ‘Black Jack’ Hall

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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