I read an interesting article the other day.


It was talking about charities.


And the percentage of their income that they spend on ‘overheads’.


And the percentage that goes to the cause itself.


Most people, given the information, would be more likely to choose a charity where the chase gets the higher percentage.


Which seems to make sense on the surface.


But, as the article explained, that doesn’t always work out for the best.


The charities that spend the most on tracking, testing and data collection……….


Get the biggest return on investment.


The difference between the best and worst performing charities for helping with AIDS in Africa…….


Is 1,440%.


So some charities get over 14 times the return for the same money as some others.


And, on average, those charities spend more on tracking, overheads, etc.


Not always, sure.


But, on average, they do.


So, does it make more sense to donate to Charity A which has 5% overheads and 95% to the cause.


Or to Charity B which is 20:80 but gets 14 times the ROI?




As always, outcome trumps, cost.


And ROI is key.


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We know eating well can cost more than eating crap can.


In both time and money.


There are ways to minimise that, sure.


Bulk buying, batch cooking, prepping ahead of time, etc.


But we’re not going to pretend there isn’t and increased ‘overhead’ there.


But it’s worth it.


Living longer and feeling better are the ultimate ROI.


Worth every penny 🙂



Much love,


Jon ‘ROH’ Hall and Matt ‘TNA’ Nicholson




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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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