Put your hand up if you ever get FOMO?

Fear Of Missing Out.

You can put your hand down now.

It’s something people talk to us about.

And how it is, at least, part of their reason for not getting the results they want.

They stayed out till 3am and had five more drinks and a kebab than they had planned.

They went to more social engagements than they’d intended to (and, therefore, ate and drank more).

They then missed planned workouts because of the above.

They had FOMO.

Fear Of Missing Out.

Didn’t want to “not go”, or to leave when stuff was still happening.

Which we get.

One thing to remember though, is that we’ll always miss out.

We can’t do everything.

All day every day we make choices as to what we will miss out on.

Often without realising.

A “Yes” to one thing is “No” to another.

When ever we don’t miss out on one thing, we’re missing out on another thing.

And vice versa.

And realising that is powerful.

A “No” to drinking (more) is a “Yes” to a clearer head in the morning and being able to get more done of what you’d like tomorrow (and, probably, the day after).

A “No” to certain food choice can be a “Yes” to a body we like the look and feel of more and everything that can bring.

A “No” to lots of little things might be a “Yes” to clearer mental health, more focus, more productivity and more general happiness.

A “Yes” to ‘fitting in with others’ and not wanting to stand out out or appear awkward might be a “No” to having the energy and focus to be there for our kids.

A “Yes” to more money can be a “No” to time spent on other important things and people.

As always, no right or wrong.

We’re all adults.

Make our own choices.

But, being aware that there is always “missing out”………….

That a “Yes” to one thing is a “No” to another (and vice versa)……..

By getting clear on what it truly important to us………….

And how each decision affects that………….

Can help us choose the ‘missing out’ that we’re more ok with.

Much love,

Jo ‘Co Wo’ Hall

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Jon Hall

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