So, there’s a General Election tomorrow.


Anyway, every election there’s talk of low turnout.


Particularity amongst the young.


Do you know what has been shown time and time again to be the most effective way to increase turnout?


Asking people if they intend to vote.


Surveys done in the run up to elections usually elicit a ‘Yes’ as people think they should answer that way.


And a noticeably different percentage of those that were asked then do vote versus those that weren’t asked.


It’s a standard tactic.


The American Cancer Society were one of the first to use it effectively in the 70s.


They cold called people and asked, amongst other questions, if they would ever volunteer their time to help people with cancer.


When these same people were followed up later asking to volunteer for the ACS, they got a 700% increase in yesses versus previous methods.


You see, people like to be congruent.


Consistent in their words and actions.


Doesn’t always happen, of course.


We both know this.


But all the research ever shows that you’re way more likely to do something if you’ve said you will.


Which sounds pretty obvious when you put it that way.


It’s one of the reasons that we ask our Ninjas to set weekly habit goals, particularly if they’re less than 100% happy with their progress.


The difference in success rates between those that verbally proclaim their intentions and those that don’t is HAAAUUUUUGGGGGGGEEEEE!


So, why not take advantage of this?


Sure it won’t make it 100% that you’ll do it.


But it’ll be way, way more likely.


Post a habit goal on the app if you’re already a ninja (or check if you’re not and you like the sound of system designed to get results rather then just renting access to equipment or paying for random beastings).


Or pop a status with your intentions on Facey.


Or tell someone / everyone.


Say you intend to do something and you’re way more likely to do it 🙂



Much love,


Jon ‘Monster Raving Loony’ Hall and Matt ‘Church of the Militant Elvis Party’ Nicholson




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