There’s a video on YouTube.


It shows the way that some native tribesmen capture monkeys.


They dig a tunnel into the ground the diameter of a monkey’s arm.


With a bigger hole at the bottom.


They put a trail of water melon seeds up to the edge of the tunnel, and down into the big hole.


After a while a monkey will follow the trail.


Put his arm down the tunnel and grab the seeds at the bottom.


And then can’t get his arm out as his clenched first is bigger than the tunnel.


The hunter calmly walks up and captures the monkey.


The monkey can’t seem to let go.


He’s so averse to letting go that he pays for it with his life.


Sounds daft.


“Stupid monkey” you might be saying.


But we all do similar things.


Struggle to let go of things we know aren’t good for us.


Whether is be the ‘friendship’ that drags you down.


The quick fix (alcohol, nicotine, sugar) that helps “get you through the day”.


But serves to make each subsequent day that little bit harder to get through.


You don’t usually need to add more into your life to make it better.


It’s often removing things that work best.


Like an artist chipping away at a big lump of granite to reveal the beautiful sculpture within it.


It may be hard to ‘let go’ of something that’s holding you back.


But we know it’ll be worth it.



Much love,


Jon ‘My Uni mates have a huge England flag with ‘Peters Monkey’ on which has been taken to every World Cup and Euros for 12 years to wind up one of our friends (it’s not racist by the way)’ Hall and Matt ‘Monkey See, Monkey Do’ Nicholson


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