So today, apparently, is hump day.
A few of you may need to remove your minds from the gutters.
Hump day is a term we’ve noticed a lot recently.
Some people refer to Wednesday as hump day as it means they’ve reached the middle of the week and are approaching the down hill ride / home straight to the weekend.
Whenever we see it we can’t help but feel a little sad for the person saying it.
There are a lot of people out there who hate their jobs and feel they have to just struggle through the week to get to the weekend.
Now, we enjoy our weekends, of course.
But we also enjoy the week.
Combination of loving what we do at work and getting in some other fun stuff around it.
So, if you don’t enjoy your week.
If it’s that constant drag to pull through to the weekend (or your days off).
Then what can you do about it?
If you’ve always fancied trying a different job, what could you do about that?
You don’t neccessarily need to go and hand your notice I’m tomorrow, but what steps could you out in place to get you closer to something you’d enjoy doing?
Speak to a boss about a career progression plan and options?
Book a course?
Buy a book / home study kit?
An so on.
Pans what fun stuff could you do in the week around work?
Date night?
New hobby?
Re-kindle an old hobby?
What could you do to make your current work more tolerable?
Brighten up the environment?
Make ‘games’ out of the tasks you have to do (ie: as many xxxx as you can in an hour or assign points to all your work tasks and see which of you can get the most points each day or week)?
You get the idea.
If you’re not loving your time between weekend, then what can you do about that?
Much love,
Jon ‘Enjoy my job, time with the kids, playing games and working out’ Hall and Matt ‘SWM, GSOH, FSH, BDSM’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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