We were chatting to a couple of the guys on our current ’20lbs in 8 weeks challenge’ the other day (find out more meeting for the October one is tomorrow BTW – myrise.co.uk/briefing-meeting).


Most of them are absolutely smashing it.


Well on their way to destroying that 20lbs target.


Ste has already passed it after only 4 weeks 🙂


A couple said they weren’t going as fast as they’d like.


Weight’s coming off like, but not as quickly as for some others.


A quick check identified that breakfast was the key thing they’d yet to change.


Still going for a bowl a sugar (or ‘Cereal’ as it says on the packet).


We explained how better results would be gained by more balanced breakfast.


And got the standard response of “I already get up at 6”.


To which we replied “We’re not asking you to get up an earlier, just to eat something healthier”.


The story that a healthy breakfast takes longer than an unhealthy one is one that is pretty prevalent in our society.


And one that holds us back.


It’s true there are some healthy breakfasts that can take a while.


But there’s plenty that don’t.


Especially if you’re organised with them.


You can just make more of another meal (tea, for example) and have the rest the next day.


Or Tupperware it up and freeze for a later date.


Or you can make something else for breakfast at the same time as tea the day before.


Or prep a week’s worth of breakfast on a Sunday night.


Or you can have something with mega low prep time – getting some cooked meat, nuts and salad on a plate will take as long as putting cereal and milk in a bowl.


And there’s plenty of options that only take a couple of minutes more.


Minutes that are an investment in your health and happiness.


I’m normally in the kitchen within a minute of my alarm going off, popping stuff in the oven and / or microwave.


It’s then ready to eat by the time I’ve made myself look pretty.


Takes about 2 more minute prep and maybe a minute or two longer to eat.


You get the point – it’s simply not true that anyone doesn’t have the time to eat healthily in the morning.


If they don’t want to or chose not to, that’s cool.


But, just wanted to help them see through the stories they’re telling themselves that are holding them back.



Much love,


Jon ‘Breakfast Club’ Hall and Matt ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’ Nicholson

I already get up at 6 | Macclesfield Personal Trainer weight loss gym

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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