I can’t afford it…..


I hear this a lot in my industry.


And before I start, I do appreciate that some people generally in some situations really “Can’t afford it”.


Whatever ‘IT’ may be.


I once did some research on what people regret most in life when they were on their death bed (morbid, I know) .




But this exercise that I did really made me put things into perspective.

Some common things that popped up were.


  • Spend more time with family and loved one


  • Travel more


  • Do a job that you love


But one that popped up over and over ….


 “I wish I looked after my health more”


This was literally on every one I could find.


You see, in life, people prioritise things in the wrong order.


If people say earn £1 a year for example. There house may cost 10p, car 5p, holidays 5p etc.


But where does the price of there health come into this? How much of the £1 do they spend on;


  • Living longer
  • Being more active
  • Eating healthier
  • Exercising more
  • In general taking care of there health NOT abusing it



All these things I would say 90% of people spend no money on. But when they are sat on their death bed I bet they wish they had.



You see exercise, eating better, generally looking after yourself does not have to cost the earth.


But at least spend a small amount of your budget on it.


People wouldn’t think twice about……


  • Buying a new car


  • Spending £50 in the pub on a Saturday (and the rest for most people)


  • Buying a £90 dress that you will wear once.


  • Spending £20 on a take twice a week


  • Spending £4 a day on expensive coffee (I recently worked out that my Mum spend £1500 a year on coffee!!!! Mental!!!)




Imagine all the money that has been wasted along the years that if you spent just 1% of your income on your health the difference it would make.


I have trained people who have paid me over £200 a week to do certain training package with them on a 1:1 basis. Were they rich???? Hell no – one of them was actually on a widow’s pension.


But the thing is they decided to spend their money on their health and leave the pub for 6 months.


Want to know what happened?


The lady on the widow’s pension was on 12 tablets a day from the doctors. This went down to 0 and her Type 2 diabetes was no more!


Yes that is not a typo.


She also lost 26KG of weight.


And want to know the most impressive thing of all???


She was 76 years old.


I would honestly say I may have put another 5-10 years on that person’s life.


Not a bad price if you ask me.


Now how do you feel about your excuse?




You see the thing is we all “Can afford it” if we really want it. We just have to prioritise what we actually want out of life.


Occasionally people say to me “Your club is expensive”.


Expensive you say?


I then ask them and say “Well how much would you pay to …


  • Live many years longer
  • See your kids grow up
  • Have minimal health issues
  • Look and feel great
  • Be happy!!!!


I always get the same answer. Well if it was £2-£3 cheaper I would do it.


So you don’t want to live longer, feel better, be less bloated, lose huge amounts of horrible body fat.


For 50p a day difference?


At this point I don’t try and twist people’s arms as I only want to work with people who say


“Matt I want to change my life, I want to look better, feel better, be happy with my body and grow old happily in good health”


I then normally high five these people and get them training with us.




People don’t see the value in things.


But am sure if you were on your death bed and could look back at the decision in life that you regret. I am 100% that number 1 will be…


“I wish I looked after my health and fitness more”.



Yours truly,


Matt (Morbid today) Nicholson.



Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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