We had our monthly Coaching and Assessment Day last week.


As always, some awesome results.


Paul Knight became the first one to achieve the ’20lbs in 8 weeks challenge’ in JUST 4 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!


And, as always, an opportunity to identify where some people aren’t getting the result they’d like.


And what we can do the change that.


We were chatting to one of our newer ninjas about having breakfast.


And she was adamant in saying “I can’t do it”.


Usual reasoning of lack of time and not really feeling like it.


So we used an old tactic of ours that helps people see through the old ‘I can’t do it’ story.


“So, if for some reason, a doctor told you you would die the next time you missed breakfast, would you accept tomorrow was going to be your final day and start saying goodbye to everyone?”


“Of course not” came the answer.


“There we go then. You can do it, you’re just choosing not to”.


You could see the penny drop.


There is very little in life we genuinely ‘can’t’ do.


Not stuff we actually say we can’t do.


Have you ever heard anyone say “I can’t fly” or “I can’t see through walls”?


Of course not.


We only say it of stuff we actually can do.


And when we realise this it is empowering.


We may still make the choice not to, but at least we’re making a more informed decision.


There are lots of things I’d quite like to do.


But have chosen not to as I’d rather invest the money and / or time elsewhere.


I could learn some new languages, read more fiction, watch more films, see friends more often, etc.


All things I would like to do in theory.


But have chosen to only do so much of so that I can do more of other things.


So, for every thing you’ve ever said you “can’t do”, then try rephrasing that now.


If you’ve said “I can’t afford to exercise and eat healthily” then try saying “I can afford to exercise and eat healthily but I’m choosing to spend that money on a nicer car, holidays and socialising”.


See if you still feel the same way about it.


“I don’t have time to look after myself” becomes “I have time to look after myself, but am choosing to spend that time on more TV and Facebook”.


“I can’t get a better job” becomes “I could get a better job, but am choosing not to do what I need to get it”.


And so on.


You may still make the same choices.


That’s cool – Tis your life.


But dropping The C-Word (“can’t”) is empowering and gives you options.



Much love,


Jon “My cousin Jill called me the actual C-Word when we were kids and has never forgotten the bollocking my mum gave her” Hall and Matt ‘I believe I can fly. I believe I can touch the sky’ Nicholson

I can’t do that Macclesfield Personal Trainer weight loss gym

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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