We’ve all been there.


Watching a big game in the pub.


England probably.


Football most likely.


Loosing we should imagine.


Some armchair pundit starts chiming in.


“Bloody useless these lot”


“I could pick a better team”


“What they need to do is play …. up front, put ….. behind him, call up …… from …….. to ……. and …….”


For some reason, despite having not played the game in decades and never caching or managing at any level, these guys are convinced they have the answer.


That they know better than the guys who are being paid handsomely to do it for a living.


And who have had pretty good success at doing it (most of the time, by comparison at least).




You get armchair pundits on fitness / weight loss / health too.


“You don’t need to ……”


“You shouldn’t be ……..”


“What you need to do is …….”


“Don’t you know that ……”


Despite having never been in shape themselves or coached anyone to get in shape.


We’ve mentioned before about how to chose who to listen to.


We’ve been doing this a long time.


With thousands of success stories.


We’ve been recognised at a national level.


We’re not saying we’re automatically right about everything.


But we’d like to think we’re more likely to be right than someone who’s got zero experience in what we do.


Anytime someone says “Don’t you know ….” or “Haven’t you heard”, then yes, we will know or have heard.


And we probably know an awful lot more about it than them.


Always amuses me when some smart arse tries to argue our view on the calorie model by saying “Haven’t you heard of Newton’s third law?”.


Like I could have done this for 13 years (and have a degree in engineering and A-Level Physics) without having heard of that.


And we’ll probably know more about pretty much any training method, way of eating, etc than they do.


So, if we chose to interpret it a different way, or even ignore it, then it’s not through a lack of knowledge.


The opposite, if anything.


You get the point.


You’re mate / partner / colleague advises differently to us, then you’ll probably be fairly safe ignoring them.


In the same way you might the pub football ‘expert’.



Much love,


Jon ‘Jumpers for goalposts’ Hall and Matt ‘Small chap, big long spear’ Nicholson


P.S. 10 points for those bad boys 😉

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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