Over the last few days I’ve talked about a number of factors related to my blog writing.

Yesterday I confessed that I sometimes reuse the main part of old blogs.

The day before I talk about how about taking them to writing them in the school car park to make best use of the available time that I have.

Because, as I mentioned, writing over 3,000 blogs ain’t easy.

But it’s been worthwhile.

I know the knock on benefit that it’s had to people that have read them.

Both members and non-members.

Whether it be through helping them make some adjustments to their lifestyle or giving them that nudge to actually get involved in our programme.

And sometimes other Fitness Professionals (and none Fitness Professionals) ask me about them.

And if I feel that they should be doing them.

Invariably they then don’t.

In part because it seems such an insurmountable amount.

I’ve had people tell me “I couldn’t write a blog everyday”.

The idea of 3,000 blogs feels overwhelming.

But that doesn’t mean they couldn’t write just one blog for now.

Then maybe one a week or one or fortnight going forward.

Because that would still have proportional benefits.

And, more importantly, by starting with that, they are liable to get better and find a hire frequency more doable.

Like it can be easy to get put off exercise because we don’t think we can do two hours of it 3 or 4 times a week.

But that doesn’t mean that there wouldn’t be benefit to one 45 minute workout a week.

Research showing that that first workout is the most beneficial.

With diminishing returns.

Sounds counterintuitive but is actually fairly obvious when you think about it.

Imagine too identical twins.

One has done one workout a week for the last 20 years.

The other has not exercised in two decades.

Are you really telling me there is no difference in their health and fitness?

Imagine a third sibling who does two workouts per week.

Is the difference between him and the one workout one as much as the difference between the one and zero workouts one?

I doubt it.

Any exercise frequency has benefit.

And makes increased further frequency more likely.

One workout this week makes 2 or 3 next week more likely than zero work out this week will.

We don’t need to do the equivalent of a blog every day or 3,000 in a row.

We can just start with what we can at the moment.

Get the benefits of that.

And maybe that will develop over time.

Much love,

Jon ‘I’m shufflin” Hall

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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