“I did not have sexual relations with that woman!”


The immortal words of Bill Clinton.


In reference to Monica Lewinsky, of course.


Happens quite a lot, doesn’t it.


People in positions of authority, power and trust……..


Making ‘bad’ choices in certain areas of life.


The politician caught with his pants down is a classic.



Questions are then usually asked about that person’s character.


Their honesty, integrity and self control.


Their ability to to the role that they are in.


Because people usually assume that honesty, integrity, self control etc are similar across all areas of a person’s life.


A study of Bill Clinton’s academic, professional and political career would suggest he was the model of self control.


You don’t get to be President without.


Tiger Woods was considered the poster boy of self control and discipline……….


Until his secret mistress(es) came to light.


It’s the same with when people are overweight.


People often assume that they lack self control.


That they are lazy.


You’ll hear a lot of FitPros describe their less successful clients in such ways (not us, of course – myrise.co.uk/briefing-meeting if you want to find out a bit more about what we are like).


Yet these people may be infinitely more successful in their careers and their roles as parents, partners, etc than said FitPro.


It’s what is called ‘Contextualised Self Control’.



We all have different levels of self control across the different areas of our lives.


Higher in some situations.


Lower in others.




There is a ‘natural’ component, sure.


Some people do just find certain things easier than others.


But that’s only a small part of the equation.


Having a long term focus on what’s important is key.


And, after that, it’s just a matter of practice.


Bill Clinton will have had a good few decades from deciding he wanted to be President to actually getting there.


But he will have kept that goal in mind and made sure his choices and actions along the way got him there.


And he will have worked on improving the key skills that enabled that.


Tis the same with getting in shape.


It might take a number of years to get the body / physique / health you desire.


And that ‘distance’ can mean people lose focus on the way.


And allow the short term temptations to derail them.


But, when you genuinely think about it, it’s a no-brainer, isn’t it?


Which do you want more?


Cake, biscuits, take out, etc?


Or a body you like and a long, healthy life?


Remember that!


And keep practicsing the things you need to do to get there.


You won’t get any better by not doing it.


It won’t get easier if it doesn’t happen!



Much love,


Jon ‘Coolidge’ Hall and Matt ‘Ulyses’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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