I do mention this one on the calls [I just can’t show the animation]

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The second thing (see yesterday’s blog, I dare you) that I realised I’d missed showing people in the monthly find out more meetings that we used to do……….

Is an animation of a load of stick figures.

They looked more like silhouettes of gingerbread men to be honest.

3 rows of six of them.

I’d explain that they represented the people in the room and what would probably happen to some of them.

I’d click a button and, by the magic of PowerPoint, a couple of them would fly off the screen.

I’d explain that represented a few people who would decide the programme wasn’t the right fit for them then and there.

And that was fine.

The bottom section would then glow green.

Representing those who, for whatever reason, would ‘fly’.

They’d find the changes relatively easy and make substantial forward progress.

The middle section would glow amber.

For those who found it challenging.

But stuck with it.

It became two steps forward, one step back.

But they got there over time.

Being in both of these last two groups was fine too.

It was being in these last two groups that I suggested people should avoid.

Another person would slide off the screen.

Showing those that backed out pretty much immediately.

Sometimes PMing the page before I’d even left the building.

You’d be amazed how many people get “sent to Minsk for work” at 9pm on the last Tuesday of the month.

I said to them that I get it.

We get cold feet.

Buyer’s remorse.

We get home and our other half immediately talks us out of it.

I always say to those people to “Give it a go”.

You do the eight weeks and you don’t think it was awesome and you’re protected by that money back guarantee.

And then there’s a couple of the figures that veeerrrryyyyy slllooooowwwwlllllyyyyyyy slide away.

Representing those that get started.

Full of that Uniformed Optimism I mentioned yesterday.

And they hit Informed Pessimism.

Like the others do.

But they disengage.

Stop replying to stuff.

Stop booking sessions.

Don’t open the blogs.

Watch the videos.

Cancel a month or two later because of what they say is some unavoidable logistical reason.

That’s the main group to avoid being in.

The head in the sand group.

Fingers in the ears saying “Nah nah, I can’t hear you”.

Retreating to our room and putting the music on loud like a grumpy teenager.

I explain on the calls we do now that “From my experience, the biggest difference maker between those that achieve amazing, life changing results ……. and those that……… don’t……..

Is…….. staying ‘engaged'”

It’s not always easy.

Sometimes it’s two steps forward one step back.

At times maybe more backwards than forwards.

But, when we stay engaged, we get there over time.

When we disengage, we don’t.

So, whatever’s happening, keep doing something.

Reading these blogs.

Watching the videos.

Booking sessions, even if they have to get cancelled.

Responding to messages.

We can always, always do these things.

Not doing them is just a choice to disengage.

Let’s not be in that group!

Much love

Jon ‘Twice engaged’ Hall

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