I came back from Holiday a few days ago to see that I’d been tagged in a post.

Originally from a fellow Fitness Professional, that I don’t personally know, looking for advice on generating more business.

As, like most FitPros, they don’t currently have enough.

They were looking for free ways to generate new clients.

Because, as the blog title says, “I don’t have any spare money to shell out for advertising”.

And, I get that.

But, for me, advertising is the very last thing I would stop spending money on.

It’s not an expense.

It’s an investment.

Not spending it would, at best, be a short-term saving.

A false economy.

With less members coming in to replace those that move on over time, the turn-over of the business would shrink.

Advertising is spending money to make money.

Like exercise is spending energy to make energy.

Not exercising because we’re low in energy is a false economy.

I get it in both cases.

It can be hard to spend money or energy when you don’t feel like there’s any left (it’s www.myrise.co.uk/apply for actual help and support at those difficult moments rather than just being left to your own devices).

But remembering that both are an investment in more later on………

And that the times that it feels hardest to spend either is actually the most beneficial time………

Is powerful!

Much love,

Jon ‘Don’t Stop Wiggle Wiggle’ Hall


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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