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I had someone drop out of our programme the other week after just a couple of weeks.


It happens occassionally.


Sometimes it’s a genuine logistical change that’s happened.


More often a realisation that, although we do everything we can to support them, work still needs to be done.


In discussion, they said they felt it was just “yet another thing” to add to everything else that’s going on.


Which I get.


I have a lot on.


“I don’t need anymore pressure in my life”


Which I get too.


It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with everything.


The thing is though, we do need just the right amount of pressure.


Personal Training Goals


If there’s no pressure of any sort, it means we don’t care and / or it doesn’t matter.


Leverage to Reach Personal Training Goals


I prefer the term ‘leverage’ to pressure.


By applying the right amount of leverage to a situation………..


We can make it waaaaayyyyyy more likely that we’ll do it.


That’s often the problem with health, fitness and weight loss goals.


The outcome we’re aiming for is so far away we don’t feel that leverage to do something about it right now.


Being healthy in our old age sounds great.


But it can feel like we have tonnes of time to sort that – it doesn’t need addressing this moment when there’s tonnes of other stuff.


Same with losing weight.


Depending on how much there is to lose, it may take a while.


What’s another day?


We often find that the greatest success with personal training goals comes when people apply just the right amount of leverage.


Short Term Personal Training Goals


Shorter term aims that really matter to them.


A process goal (the stuff we actually do) has to be tied to an outcome we care about that’s in the foreseeable future.


They, maybe, create some accountability by announcing their goals – not wanting to let people down or be seen to have failed can work wonders.


The deposit system for our challenges works great in bringing that leverage (check out the briefing meetings at RISE in Macclesfield if you like the sound of a programme that actually turns out results month-in, month-out rather than just provides access to some equipment or classes).


A bet with a friend.


Using an ‘anti-charity’ via Stickk.com (I had great success with a programme last year where everyone would give some money to Donald Trump if they didn’t do what they’d said they would – they all did).


You get the idea.


The right amount of ‘leverage’ is key.


Without it, it’s not important and we don’t care.


Much love,


Jon ‘Under Pressure’ Hall and Matt ‘Radio Ga Ga’ Nicholson



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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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