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I had a few messages recently that expressed a similar sentiment.

And, as always, I know that if one person is thinking or finding something, they’ll be others.

If a few are, they’ll be even more so.

There was someone asking about what we do who said “I know you’re all about calorie counting”.

A new member saying “I don’t want to count calories for the rest of my life”.

And someone who’d joined but not really got started and only briefly looked at our Learn section saying “I’m not the sort of person who’ll spend all day counting calories”.

Which is fine.

Because that doesn’t need to be done.

I personally never use the term ‘counting calories’.

It has connotations that are off putting for many.

I think of it as tracking our food.

In the same way we might track our financial expenditure if we were wanting get more of a hang on it.

Or track some KPI at work we wanted to improve.

Something measurable that will directly correlate to the results we desire.

We wouldn’t feel comfortable recommending a method which may or may not work ………..

At least not to start with.

———– Calorie deficits always do work ————

What tracking is best for……….

Is to be a gateway into an habitual approach.

A way to set up habits which we find relatively easy to maintain (on average)……..

That we know will work because we’ve checked the data behind them.

3 to 5 days tracking will normally give a really clear indicator as to what changes we could make.

And we might go forward with new knowledge of appropriate portion sizes for us.

Or maybe some tactical swaps we can make.

Or maybe a clearer understanding on what changes are or aren’t beneficial and worthwhile.

Or maybe we track for a bit longer.

Maybe for the rest of our lives.

But I’ve yet to find an approach that doesn’t benefit from a bit of tracking to start.

Like any approach to spending less money would benefit from checking what you’re spending now rather than just kinda guessing what changes would work.

You don’t need to track at all.

And you definitely don’t need to do it forever.

But you’d probably benefit from doing it as the starting point for whatever changes you might make.

Much love,

Jon ‘Dracula’ Hall

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