In yesterday’s blog I talked about our reasons for not setting specific plans and intentions.

And I mentioned part of that is not wanting to “put too much pressure on ourselves”.

Which, again, I get.

But it’s a powerful realisation that pressure is only partially avoidable.

And that, by avoiding some pressures, we often inadvertently create others.

Avoiding the pressures of things related our improving or maintaining our bodies, health, fitness, energy levels and mood……..

Can lead to the pressures created when those things aren’t as we’d like them to be.

Like avoiding the pressures of work and business targets can lead to the pressures of not having enough money.

Avoiding the pressures of difficult conversations with people can lead to the pressures of deteriorating relationships and further more challenging interactions down the line.

We can’t really avoid pressure in life.

But we can be tactical about which pressures we choose to put on ourselves for the benefits that brings us (it’s when you’ve realised that there’s never a good time and you’re willing now to put some tactical pressure on yourself to reduce the greater, longer term pressures you’ve been facing).

Much love,

Jon ‘and David Bowie’ Hall


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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