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I talked yesterday about how I wash n vac my car every Friday morning at the same time and place.

I know you’ve barely been able to sleep with excitement so I will proceed without further ado.

—– As an aside, has anyone ever proceeded “with further ado”?.

Hang on…… was that what I just did there? ——–

As I said, I hoover the car in six minutes and wash it in four.

In part because I have a routine.

I clear rubbish out and shake the floor mats outside.

I park the car side-on so the hose can reach over and it doesn’t need moving.

I then spend about 90 seconds on each of the front seats and that general area.

Two minutes on the back seats and the floor there.

A minute on the boot.

On the car wash I give it cold rinse (the red button) all over for 90s seconds to get the bulk of any mud off.

The hot lance brush (orange) for 90 seconds to get it fully clean.

60 seconds to rinse it all off (green).

I bet if you videoed me doing it, it would be pretty much exactly the same every week.

If I just approached it each week and started the four minutes and then started thinking about what to do, it would be half done at the four minute mark and I’d have put another four on.

Having a refined approach to get things done a quickly as possible can be key to them happening.

Tweaking and improving it over time where possible.

If it was a half hour job to wash the car, it definitely wouldn’t happen then, if at all.

And we can do the same with our food and exercise.

If we can do in three fun 45 minute workouts what we might otherwise do in five boring one hour workouts………

We’re way more likely to do that.

cough **** that’s what we do – www.myrise.co.uk/apply **** cough

Or if we can sort a pretty nutritious, tasty enough meal that’ll fill us up enough and contribute to deficit (or maintenance) calories in five minutes……….

Then we’re more likely to do that than the one hour total, cooked from scratch, multiple ingredient fresh meal.

Extra time on things has it’s place.

But the quick, easy to do option that happens, always beats the longer, more time consuming one that doesn’t.

Much love,

Jon ‘OF’ Hall


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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